Porter Airlines

Mode of Transportation: Air

Contact Information

Web Site:
Porter Airlines
Telephone Number:
1-888-619-8622 or (416) 619-8622
TTY Number:
Voice Relay Service: 711

Description of Services Provided

  • Porter Airlines will provide assistance with:
    • Registration at the check-in counter;
    • Moving to the boarding area;
    • Boarding and disembarking, including moving to and from passenger seat;
    • Retrieving checked baggage;
    • Moving to a representative of another air carrier within the same terminal for a change of flight;
    • Moving to the general public area;
    • Transferring to a wheelchair, boarding chair or other mobility aid provided by the air carrier from the person’s own mobility aid;
    • Stowing and retrieving carry-on baggage;
    • Transferring from an on-board wheelchair, boarding chair or other mobility aid to their seat;
    • Moving to and from the aircraft lavatory, including assistance in the use of an on-board wheelchair;
    • Opening packages and identifying items;
    • Providing information regarding weather, on-board services and flight delays; and
    • Making periodic inquiries about a passenger’s needs and attending to them.
  • Each aircraft is equipped with an on-board wheelchair. While flight attendants provide assistance to those requiring the use of an on-board wheelchair to visit the lavatory during flight, passengers must be semi-ambulatory and able to transfer themselves into and out of this aid.
  • All aisle armrests in the passenger cabin are removable, with the exception of bulkhead rows.
  • Porter Airlines also accepts on-board assistive devices, such as ventilators, respirators, continuous positive airway pressure machines, and portable oxygen concentrators.

Wheelchair Assistance

Porter Airlines will accommodate passengers with reduced mobility by providing a wheelchair to and from the aircraft door and assistance into the aircraft through the use of a boarding wheelchair.

Visual or hearing impairments

Passengers with visual or hearing impairments will be provided assistance on and off the aircraft if requested.

Service Animals

  • Service dogs are accepted on-board the aircraft free of charge and must travel at the feet of their owner.
  • Passengers travelling with a service animal should carry service animal support documentation for presentation to authorities during their travel.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Passengers may use their own portable oxygen concentrators for all or a portion of their flight.


Attendants must be physically capable of assisting the passenger with their personal and physical needs during all aspect of travel.

Locations Serviced

  • Halifax (Nova Scotia)
  • Moncton (New Brunswick)
  • Mont-Tremblant (Quebec)
  • Montreal (Quebec)
  • Ottawa (Ontario)
  • Quebec City (Quebec)
  • Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario)
  • St. John's (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Stephenville (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Sudbury (Ontario)
  • Thunder Bay (Ontario)
  • Timmins (Ontario)
  • Toronto (Ontario)
  • Windsor (Ontario)

Other Locations Serviced

Porter Airlines also services 6 destinations in the United States (Boston, Burlington, Chicago, Myrtle Beach, New York City and Washington).

Restrictions and/or Requirements for Use

Many of these services may require advanced notice and medical documentation. Passengers are requested to give advanced notice of their needs.

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