VIA Rail Canada

Mode of Transportation: Rail

Contact Information

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VIA Rail Canada
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(514) 871-6104

Geographic Areas Serviced

Vancouver, Edmonton, Jasper, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Churchill, Saskatoon, The Pas, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Windsor, Sudbury, Montreal, Quebec, Gaspé-Percé, Senneterre, Jonquière, Moncton and Halifax.

Description of Services Provided

Priority Boarding

Passengers with reduced mobility, seniors with difficulty walking, passengers with young children and pregnant women all may board the train before other passengers at stations where this is possible.


  • Passengers who need assistance in attending to their personal needs during their trip, such as eating, medical care, personal hygiene, must travel with a companion capable of providing such assistance. The companion travels free in the same class of service.
  • To take advantage of this privilege, special needs travellers must present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities, or a recent letter dated within the last 9 months and signed by a physician.

Travellers with a visual, hearing or speech impairment

In most locations where VIA Rail has personnel, a staff can help you navigate the terminal, escort you to the platform, find your seat on the train, assist you in boarding and disembarking from the train, and help with loading and unloading your baggage.

Reduced mobility

Via Rail has a limited number of stations equipped with high-level platforms or mechanical lifts. Where such facilities are available, VIA Rail will help those with disabilities board and disembark from the train, subject to limitations of size and weight of the persons and their equipment.


  • VIA Rail accepts wheelchairs as checked baggage free of charge provided that the owner travels aboard the same train.
  • On most VIA Rail trains, folding, rigid, manual or electric wheelchairs can be accepted if they are no wider than 74 centimeters (29 inches) when fully open. On other trains, the maximum acceptable wheelchair width is 65 centimeters (25.5 inches).

Electric Scooters

Three-wheeled electric scooters for travellers with reduced mobility will be transported free of charge in the baggage car regardless of whether or not the owner travels aboard the same train. They must weigh no more than 68 kilograms (150 pounds), and must not exceed 74 centimeters (29 inches) in width and 182 centimeters (72 inches) in height or length.

Travelling with a service animal

  • Your service animal must wear a harness or a leash at all times, and a certificate from a recognized training institution may be requested.
  • Your service animal always travels free and VIA Rail will provide you with a second seat free of charge in Economy class or Business class.

Locations Serviced

  • Churchill (Manitoba)
  • Edmonton (Alberta)
  • Gaspé (Quebec)
  • Halifax (Nova Scotia)
  • Jasper (Alberta)
  • Jonquière (Quebec)
  • Kingston (Ontario)
  • London (Ontario)
  • Moncton (New Brunswick)
  • Montreal (Quebec)
  • Niagara Falls (Ontario)
  • Ottawa (Ontario)
  • Prince George (British Columbia)
  • Prince Rupert (British Columbia)
  • Quebec City (Quebec)
  • Sarnia (Ontario)
  • Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
  • Senneterre (Quebec)
  • Sudbury (Ontario)
  • The Pas (Manitoba)
  • Toronto (Ontario)
  • Vancouver (British Columbia)
  • Windsor (Ontario)
  • Winnipeg (Manitoba)

Other Locations Serviced

Via Rail serves over 450 destinations across Canada. Please contact us at 1-888-842-7245 or visit our website for specific locations.

Restrictions and/or Requirements for Use

  • The range of special and adapted services offered by VIA Rail may vary from one region to another, depending particularly on station facilities and train cars.
  • VIA Rail suggests that all customers with special service requests arrive at stations early for safe and timely access to the correct platform.
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