CTMA Ferry

Mode of Transportation: Marine

Contact Information

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CTMA Ferry
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435 Avila-Arseneau road
Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec
G4T 1J3

Description of Services Provided

Passenger areas

Most general passenger areas are designed to be fully accessible to persons with a disability.


The CTMA Ferry is equipped with a passenger elevator serving every passenger deck, including the vehicle deck. Access to the elevator may be restricted during extreme weather conditions.

Adapted Cabin

Passengers in a wheelchair or with limited mobility may reserve an adapted cabin in advance. This should be done as early as possible, since the number of adapted cabins is limited.

Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are available to passengers in the terminals and on-board.

Designated parking spots

Upon arrival at the terminal, notify the agent on duty about your condition so you can be allocated a parking spot near the ship’s elevator.

Attendant’s rate

Passengers unable to travel alone due to physical restrictions or a health problem and who require an attendant must specify this at time of booking. Passengers will be required to produce proof of disability at the Purser’s Office on-board, such as a Disability Travel CardTM or CommuniCard.

Public washrooms and washrooms for persons with a disability

The ship is equipped with public washrooms accessible to persons with disability, as well as a designated washroom for persons with a disability.

Locations Serviced

  • Cap-aux-Meules (Quebec)
  • Souris (Prince Edward Island)

Restrictions and/or Requirements for Use

Some of the services offered by the CTMA may require a reservation and/or medical documentation. Passengers are advised to communicate their needs with CTMA as far in advance of their travel as possible.

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