Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Contact Information

2625 Airport Drive, Suite 1, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7L 7L1
(306) 975-8900
Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Arrival And Check-In

  • The parking lot is located in close proximity to the Airport Terminal Building and offers designated accessible parking spaces for individuals with special needs in both the public and staff parking areas.
  • Airport Terminal Building entrances are equipped with automated doors.
  • Lowered counter ledges have been incorporated at both the check-in counters and car rental kiosks for wheelchair accessibility.

Personal Assistance

  • Security personnel are located throughout the Airport Terminal Building and are available to assist passengers if needed. They provide site security services, offer directions, can identify locations of TTY telephones, assist with obtaining wheelchairs and provide an escort through the Airport Terminal Building.
  • The Saskatoon Airport Authority also has Airport Ambassador Volunteers who are stationed at the Saskatoon Shines kiosk located in the Arrivals area. They are easily identified by their white hats and blue vests and are available to provide directions, offer assistance or locate a security personal if required.
  • Wheelchair service is available by all airlines from the check-in area to the departure gate and onto the aircraft. Advance notice to the airlines when making the flight reservation is recommended.
  • Escort passes for non-flying individuals wishing to provide additional assistance to the passenger at the departure gate is available. The escort must have valid photo identification and will be required to clear the pre-board screening checkpoint. The escort is also subject to the same security screening requirements as the traveler. The airlines are responsible for administering the passes.

TTY Phones

  • The Airport Terminal Building is equipped with a TTY phone located in the Arrivals area.

Wayfinding For People With Visual Impairments

  • The Airport Terminal Building is equipped with signage that meets the width and height guidelines.
  • Tactile markers are located in all elevators and escalators.

Relieving Areas For Service Animals

  • There are no specific areas designated as relieving areas for service animals. However, there is various grass areas located outside and to the right at the Airport Terminal Building.


  • All washrooms at the Airport Terminal Building, which are located in all passenger service areas, are wheelchair accessible and provide barrier free entry and exit. There is a mixture of Unisex and Family washrooms.

Accessible Local Transportation Serving The Airport

  • Accessible ground transportation is available through either United Cab service or the various car rental companies listed below. Wheelchair accessible taxis can be pre-booked or on demand service with an anticipated wait time of one hour. Accessible vans are also available and can accommodate power wheelchairs and scooters.

    Name of Service Provider:
    The United Group
    (306) 652-7505
    Description of Services:
    Provides wheelchair accessible taxi services.
  • There are five car rental companies located in the parking lot across the curbside outside the Airport Terminal Building. It is recommended that a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for accessible vehicles be given. For more information, please contact the following car rental companies:
    • Avis: (306) 652-3434
    • Budget: (306) 664-0670
    • Enterprise: (306) 664-4454
    • National: (306) 664-8771 Ext: 5
    • Thrifty: (306) 244-8000
  • None of the hotels which service the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport offer wheelchair accessible shuttle service.

Other Accessibility Features

  • An elevator provides access to the second floor Administrative Offices and the Historical Display/Observation Area.
  • The Airport Terminal Building is equipped with baggage belt start up alarms and flashing lights.
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